Welcome to the world of
Raphael Koch

A world, where dreams come true.

Raphael specializes in letting dreams come true for human people (Aliens are accepted too). Most of the things he makes are web front-end development, but he also improves his back-end skills. Another awesome thing he loves is photography.

About me as a human being

My full Name

Raphel Koch nothing more or less

Date of Birth

The first day I saw all this wonders and beautiness of the world was on December the 20th 1995

My Hobbies

  • Sports is awesome, it lets me feel my ability in snowboarding, longboarding, jogging and more splendid things.
  • Front- and back-end web development let wishes come true in the way one will appear on the Internet but my skills increases to software and app development.
  • Capture a breathtaking moment to let futute beings see the wonders of the past, if it is with colors and brushes or with a photocamera, that is why I love arts.
  • Scouts can show children how to preserve the nature how it is that's why I'm proud to be part of it. [Pfadi Rothenthurm]

My degrees

I passed the Matura in 2015 and my next goal is the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc ETH CS) at the ETH Zurich.

My languages skills

I grew up with Swiss German but learnd to fluently use German and English. French was never an easy thing for me but I can handle the basics.


About me as a programmer

Coding Languages I can use: HTML5 (also as JADE), CSS3 (also as SASS), Javascript (with jQuery and AngularJS plugin), PHP, SQL

Html5 Jade Css3 Sass JS jQuery AngularJS PHP sql
Visual Design
UX Design

My works

The homepage of the
Pfadi Rothenthurm
My first own website online
A project just for fun
My first programm

Contact me

[email protected]