Raphael Koch

Dreamer, Programmer, Photographer and Desinger


Hello folks!

My name is Raphael Koch, and I am a Swiss based Programmer and Designer.

I do Web Desing, Photography, Java and Ruby Programming. That's all. True Story.

Whoa you scrolled down! It's seems you got interested. So let me introduce myself a bit more.

At the moment I'm studying Computer Science at the ETH Zurich. Rater weird for a person that interested in arts but it's also programming that I love. You may guessed right, I'm not that old. Just in my early twenties. I started giving my parents a hard live on December the 20th, 1995. My body is full of zest for life which let's me enjoy every day no matter how hard it is.

Did you get interested even more?

Feel free to explore this website even more or contacting me.

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